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5 Creative Ways to Deal with Triggers and Crush Anxiety

Anxiety can be so scary and when you are in the throws of a major trigger it can feel like it will never end. That is why I am here to tell you that yes indeed it will.

Let me share why:

After experiencing one of the more challenging summers this year, I got triggered in a way I have not experienced in a very long while. At times I did not think it would lift and it all started with the loss of a relationship that was very dear to me. I love mentoring younger women and had been working with this particular young lady for a few years. We had some challenges before but were always able to work through them. This time however it was not possible. Lines had been crossed and despite my best efforts to discuss this in a loving and understanding way she made it very clear that she wanted no part of it. This made me so sad because it could have ended in a much healthier and balanced way but it didn’t.

The struggles just seem to keep hitting me with extended family issues, miscommunications and the list keeps going on and on.

There just seemed to be no getting away from it. The final straw was getting into an accident that destroyed my car ( Daisy Duke ). And I also sustained a back injury that would be expected due to my own back issues with double scoliosis

And having experienced whiplash in the past and then again now. It completely knocked me out of sorts and driving became a bit of a struggle at times when things spotted in the corner of my eye would cause me to jolt out of fear.

My freedom was also gone as we became a one vehicle family again. It could have been much, much worse though and I am so very grateful for that.

However it was seeming to be dragging on forever. After 5 to 6 weeks of battling it on my own I listened to my husband and went to our family doctor. Low and behold he reassured me that what I was experiencing was completely normal concerning the amount of stress we were under. And the numerous incidents that had occured over a short period of time.

This again lightened my load and I stopped blaming myself for not being stronger, feeling better quicker or being able to snap out of it. Do you get what I mean here, that last one is the worst one of all and not something I think or say towards myself often. It is one thought that we can easily fall into if we are triggered, lonely, angry or very tired.

I decided to give myself the same compassion and understanding that I give my clients. Choosing more grace and practicing what I preach was the recommended recipe at hand.

That is why I am so so grateful to have our Five Pillars of Healing to turn to and all the tools in the healing tool kit I created for myself and others to help us on our healing journey.

During these types of times I rest a lot more, ease my expectations of myself and give myself permission to take time to heal. Like the AA slogan says.: One Day at a Time.

And you know what? It worked and I am grateful for it now because by using the same techniques I use with my 1 to 1 coaching clients I have been able to slowly and lovely gain the healing I needed then and now.

So if you need to slow things up a little do it. If you are feeling really energized pace yourself. Try switching up your journaling to free writing and see what comes out and if there are any nuggets you can build on or learn from.

Life will move on, and healing does continue. Knowing that if we open our hearts and learn to tune in we can be guided to begin the release and let go allowing the light to shine back in. It is by pausing and reflecting we can draw out the ways we can make it easier on ourselves and move back to the place of setting the intentions for our dreams. Then we are back in the place to take action all the while letting the how and when of the outcome go.

The next time a trigger happens in your life or throws a hurricane of events at you, remember you can make peace with the experience and draw from all you have already uncovered so far along this healing journey of life.

Learning to keep the door open on this journey is the key to finding the true freedom you so deserve.

Remember to “Keep it really simple” and “take it one day at a time”. Both of these slogans are taken from the incredible program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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