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On a Cold Moon's Night, the Hermit Card Appears.

Updated: Jul 9

Silence reigns in the house.

The nights are long and dark,  bringing in a sense of calm, a deepening of going inwards and maybe even finding yourself longing to go into  hermit mode. I am here to tell you that this is the most perfect thing to do at this time of year.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going into a hermit mode for awhile, just be sure to check in with yourself along the way. We need to make sure it does not turn into an isolating situation.  

When you are triggered this is one of the things that can happen. However, when going into hermit mode with the intention and an attitude of surrender many blessing and much healing can be found there . 

 Slowing down, seriously this is something that I struggle with and I am sure some of you beautiful souls do to?

Why is it difficult for me to slow down?

  Learning to embrace these longer nights stirs up within me a desire to slow down, way, way down. For me this means going from a pace of full speed ahead and into a slow, quiet and leisurely, saunter. Taking time to meander along the way. This time of year is a true gift to go inwards.

Taking more breath breaks for me is also an important practice I do at this time of year, this is something that you too could utilize too.

It’s a time to tune in, I usually step outside during the day, even just for a moment. I know the frosty days can be daunting but I just love filling my lungs with fresh oxygen and cold air, bringing me more clarity of mind. I also take a moment to acknowledge out loud something that I am grateful for and also for where I am on my own healing journey.

This practice or ritual, if you will, is one of my go to’s that I use in my own healing journey. One that I know if you try could really help you to regain focus  through out the day and to get yourself centred again.

 It can work magic especially on those harder days when sticking to this commitment seems daunting, it really could change things around for you, especially on those king of days.

So, do you find slowing down hard?

Seriously though this is something that you struggle with,  I am sure some of you do. Know that you are not alone, I am walking right beside you on this journey of learning to ease up. To allow myself the gift of taking it easy and embracing the healing and self discovery that this time of year can bring.

 Over the holidays I am taking time to ponder the following question. 

Why is it difficult for me to slow down?

When we discover or realize something new about ourselves it is a real opportunity to dive a little deeper,  not just into our healing, but also in allowing us to discover new parts of ourselves.

This just happened to me the other day. I was watching something on Netflix, most likely a Brit-box Mystery. I just gifted myself with a two month membership to aide in the slowing down process. It just seems like the perfect time of year to practice some selfcare like this.

I have recently been forcing myself to rest more physically, I find this a hard balance to maintain because I have also been feeling a real pull to start going to the gym again.

But it isn’t just physically that we struggle with slowing down,  our brains can also run at a very rapid pace and reprogramming them to slow down is so important for our over all health and well being. 

Sometimes our minds can race so quickly.  I am not completely sure for myself if it is because I work so much out of the right side of my brain, or if it could also be a symptom of anxiety or past trauma. Some how I believe it is a combination of the three.

So for the next few weeks I am going to be putting on my detective hat, find out more about myself and how I can acknowledge and look at this part of myself more deeply.

I am going to look at the why behind what I do and keep asking myself that question until I get to the bottom of the answer. The more we ask why to our answers to this question the more information we gather and it makes it easier and quicker to get to what really is going on underneath it all.

I would love for you to join me on this journey too. Together we can unpack the why behind the hurry. If you have not signed up for our monthly newsletter please do. Each month we dive into a theme for the month, we usually have a journal prompts, play lists and more. You can check it out here.

The cold moon inspires hermit mode.
The Hermit Tarot Card

For now I will leave you with my Top Ten Tips for embracing Hermit Mode.

  1. Set the intention that this is what you are doing and list a few good reasons why.

  2. Clear out your schedule has much has possible with no guilt.

  3. Plan on journaling a lot.

  4. Pick out a new and uplifting series to watch or find a new playlist to check out.

  5. Have lots of supplies for your favorite hot beverages.

  6. Check out a couple different Yin Yoga classes on You tube. Here are a couple of my favourites.

  7. Keep meal prep simple.

  8. Get out in nature, just to be in it and absorb its energy and beauty.

  9. Stay off of social media or just check in once or twice a day if you need to for business.

  10. Work with an attitude of ease and with slow intent, notice how you feel.

Using these top ten tips will help you gain the most out of being intentional while going into hermit mode.  You can also turn these tips into questions to allow your  self to get deeper into the why behind what you do.

If you enjoyed this blog post please feel free to share it. Enjoy being in hermit mode, it can be a very nourishing and freeing time.

Heather Chapplain is a very dedicated individual and a highly skilled  life coach who specializes in guiding those who suffer from Anxiety and CPTSD to form a wholistic healing lifestyle tailored to their individual needs and stories.

Her unique method utilizes The Five Pillars of Healing based on her Journal and Ebook. She combines the wholistic approach with  the mind, body, spirit, lifestyle and environment.

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