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The Enlightened Way to Wellness: Nurturing the Five Foundations of Holistic Healing.


mind, body, spirit
The holistic approach to healing

It’s a time for slowly easing into longer days and shorter nights. A time to go inwards during these cooler months.

 It is a time for being all cozied up with a toasty  fire burning, and warm and soothing beverage in your hand….pure bliss. 

This is one of the ways I am practicing self love and nurturing. It is one of the ways to bring in holistic healing.

Heading back into a more busy time of regular routines, work and just life in general, let’s be sure to take time to rest a bit more. ( for me that means lots of pyjama days.) Can you relate.

It is also the to indulge a little more, you read that right. Indulge in talking care of you, just for a season. Let yourself go in, find healing, embrace freedom. You are so so worth it. So take this time for yourself. 

I have recently gone through some very deep changes and I hope you can get some inspiration from this.

I have learned about the yin and yang of life, how it effects our bodies. Along with how intertwined the two really are. It’s kind of a flowing feeling in body my and spirit. It is moving within the flow that we gain confidence. Do you know that feeling?

It is different than the feminine/masculine and how it effects our over all well being and keeping our life in balance. I feel the masculine and feminine show up mostly in my body, which tells me when a more balanced self care routine is needed.

True self care is a balance of really getting to know yourself. To uncover all of who you are. Reflecting on how far you have come and celebrating the fact that by “healing from the inside out” will lead you to finding true peace and allow you to embrace your true manifesting abilities.

Going through this time I finally feel like I have found my footing and I hope you will also find it too.

QUOTE:   Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of it’s sorrows, but only empties today of it’s strength. - Charles Spurgeon

It is time for us to stand up and own our own healing and I am going deeper into sharing that with you over the next weeks and months this year.

The how to’s and the things that have worked and not worked for me. By doing this I hope you will also find a deeper healing in your own life and soul.

Do you know how freakin special you are??? I really mean that with my whole heartl. It’s time for you to find your power, gain your healing and manifest that life you REALLY want.

 Not the one being dictated to you from old habitual thought patterns., negative self talk or societies influence. It is time for you to stand in your true power.

The power of being true to you. Take the time to let this sink in.

Here is what I want for you my sweet friend. I want you to break free from the shackles, what ever they are. Childhood abuse, I’ve got you. Mental abuse, #MeToo movement. All of these have left a huge mark on my heart and soul along so many in our society.

 Any type of abuse no matter the type causes trauma, which in tern causes anxiety. This is where I can come in and help guide you to a life of more freedom and joy..

That is what this year is all about for me. An opening up, by going in, becoming vulnerable, holding space for those who understand this type trauma and want to move forward in their lives. That is what I am here for.

One of the ways I am nurturing myself this year is by joining a circle of women. I am going fully in on this, and this is where the adventure begins for me. Can you relate?

So I wanted to share with you the value system I built my life and business on. They are the things I hold closely, the places I hope to be an encouragement , to inspire and learn from. The first way I do that is with you my community in The Sacred Healing Circle.

The Sacred Circle’s top values and belief system:

I believe in showing ourselves grace, each and every day. I believe commitment is a serious word and will always pay it much respect. I believe taking the time to connect with others with love, compassion and an open heart is basis of al good relationships, 

I believe that to have the best relationships we can with others our relationship with ourself lovingly needs to come first and be the foundation we build our other relationships on.

I believe in the healing power of community and that sharing each others load is the way to healing and a good life. 

I believe in nurturing our spirits, nourishing our bodies, taking time to dance and move enjoying new and old music alike.

I believe that our environment effects our mindset and the two are very connected to each other.

I believe that emotions and spirit are two sides of the same coin and we must open and release one to allow in the other.

I believe that deep long hugs of family and friends could help heal the world. 

I believe in the power of our minds to empower and uplift us. I believe kindness is such an easy gift to give, do it every day. With a quick smile, nod or wave.

I believe that we all need to slow way way down and recess where we are and where we are going on a regular basis.

I believe life is short and building in times for joy, adventure, love making, time in nature, listening to music, going to concerts are all a part of the healing process. The more we allow joy and play time in the more higher our vibration will be.

I believe in following the rhythms of nature and the moon, by doing so we create connection and we gain more wisdom for our life.

I believe in the ease of dressing the way we want to, creating a signature look that is all our own and expresses our values. 

Showing up in our own unique style in all areas of our life builds confidence in who we are and who we are becoming.

I believe that travel no matter how close or far opens us up to new experiences and people.

I believe in the healing power of pets. I believe that a nurturing cup of tea can really calm your nerves, especially while cuddling our pets.

I believe in living full on. I believe in freedom for all beings. I believe each persona is blessed with their own unique gifts and challenges and that by coming together, holding each up, our whole planet can become healed, nurtured and a better place to live.

I believe that a hot soak with ice cream is a must indulgence.

I believe that loving ourselves, finding healing and maintaining our journey can make an impact on the world.

Have a sparked an interest within you? I hope so. I would love for you to join me on my first ever online retreat day “Vision Quest 2024”.

This space will be held for you to tackle and release the things you need to let go of in order for your healing and life to move forward. It is a 3 hour event I am holding and I really would love to see you there.

I would like to leave you with this affirmation to help you on your journey this year.

I am worthy of finding peace in healing.

Please let that sink in.

In conclusion, the foundations of healing are rooted in the Five Pillars of mind, body, spirit, environment and style. By acknowledging and nurturing this holistic approach to wellness, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through these practices we can nurture a profound sense of peace and harmony for ourselves.

We can embrace new ways of managing anxiety as we use these foundations of healing, we not only heal ourselves but also contribute to the well-being of those closest to us and the world has a whole. Let’s take a step forward in courage and determination to practice these principles in our lives. Embrace the power you have within yourself to heal and thrive – the world needs your unique contribution.



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